“Soundchip have been working with Prototype Finder for a number of years on a variety of projects that required the manufacture of parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies using various processes. On each and every project the level of service has been outstanding and delivery has always been on time. Prototype Finder have supported our work with design input for mechanical parts and created 3D CAD data with engineering drawings for us from sketches supplied. I find them to be a truly customer focused company. They are responsive and helpful and have always delivered what they said they would, when they said they would.”

Ben Skelton
PhD COO, Soundchip

“Zeleritaz Racing sports have been working with Prototype Finder Manufacturing limited on a project recently that required a number processes, Including Investment casting, injection molding, CNC milling, CNC turning, Spring manufacturing, heat treatment, sandblasting, Physical Vapor Deposition ( PVD ) Laser Etching and assembly. We went to them with a crude prototype, they analyzed every detail, they came back with a number of suggested design improvements for example adding a spring that made it a single handed use rather than two handed. They improved the function significantly, also reduced the number of parts required, reducing cost and improved the overall appearance. Prototype finder have taken care of all aspects of the engineering on this project for us. We now have a product which we are selling via our website www.Zeleritaz.com/BLT, it has been very well received in the market; I could not be more satisfied with the service they have provided. The best one stop prototype service and low-volume production company in China in my opinion.”

Lawrence Chiu
Owner, Zeleritaz


“I’m David France; I am a chiropractor and the owner of Chaired Logic. I have been working with Prototype Finder on my project, developing the ultimate ergonomic seating solution in my spare time while working full time. I tried other design and prototype companies in the past; the others didn’t seem to listen and took large amounts of money from me. They never really got it, never really tried understanding my ideas from my perspective. Prototype Finder were different from the outset, you always got the feeling that you are part of a team, working together towards your goal right from start to finish. This project is complex, the core chair is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment and I have been impressed beyond words at how much attention to detail and patience they have shown me and the project. They have re-designed 80% of the chair, and I must say it far exceeded my expectations, I really love the product now, not only is it functional, but a true thing of beauty. We have sent a test batch of chairs out into the market, targeting high flying individuals, Bankers, Jockeys, Executives etc that suffer from back pain. The feedback has been amazing; they all love it, without exception. I know we are onto a winner here; I cannot thank Mike and his team enough. If you are working on a project that is stalling, or you want to start on the right foot, call these guys, I am very glad that I did.”

David France
B.Ed.BSc.Grad.Dip.M., ChairedLogic

“Prototype Finder has been instrumental in bringing our product, WaterLily to market.  The knowledgeable staff helped us bridge the gap from concept to manufacturing, offering technical expertise whenever we asked (and we asked a lot).  I consider them a part of my team and am grateful for their help.”

Adam Press
Owner, WaterLily