1.All new customers must pay 100% upfront for prototype parts and services.

2.Rapid tooling projects must be paid for 50% upfront, the balance being payable upon acceptance of successfully molded samples.

3.The quotation is valid for 7 days and is based upon information and currency exchange rate at the time of quotation. If the exchange rate changes, quotations or invoices may be updated. Any additional information supplied later, for example, detailed drawings with fine tolerances may result in a revision of the cost and lead-time.

4.Manufacturing is based upon 3D CAD data supplied by the customer, if 2D drawings are supplied, they will be used for information related to tolerances, threads, surface finish and treatments etc. The geometric shape is based upon the 3D CAD data supplied.

5.In the event of design changes after receipt of a purchase order, the customer agrees to pay any additional cost that Prototype Finder may incur. For example, if we start or even complete a job and must re-start due to design changes, the customer agrees to pay costs incurred.

6.Prototype Finder provides models that are coloured or painted we endeavour to meet the customer’s wishes and shall try all reasonable means to achieve a match to a sample or reference supplied. However, if the substrate is of a different colour to the reference or samples supplied, we can only guarantee that we can supply a color match that is our best effort. Anodized prototype parts cannot usually be matched exactly to a Pantone reference. Anodizing prototype parts can only be done on a “best-effort basis”. We will do our very best to match samples supplied, but cannot offer a guarantee of a perfect match.

7.Machined parts may have a radius in an internal machined corner. If an internal sharp corner is required, it must be emphasized and clearly communicated. Methods such as electrical discharge machining methods may need to be employed, or on non-metallic parts hand finishing. Such methods will affect the cost and lead-time.

8.Any non-conformance must be reported within 14 days of receipt of goods in order to make any claims against Prototype Finder. After this period the goods are deemed to be acceptable.

9.Prototype Finder shall not be liable for any failure to manufacture, deliver or provide, or for any delay in the manufacture, delivery or provision of, any goods to be provided hereunder if such failure or delay is caused by acts of God, fire, storm, earthquake, strikes, blackouts, labour disputes, riots, inability to obtain materials, equipment, labour or transportation, governmental restrictions, serious public health nuisance or any similar cause over which Prototype Finder is unable to exercise control.

10.The buyer should not sign for any package that has external signs of damage without examining the contents first. Signing for a damaged package will invalidate any compensation claims.

11.Prototype Finder does not assume any liability for the intent of use, regulation, license, or misuse of existing intellectual property including patent infringement, copyright or trademark infringement or other legal conditions that are the responsibility of the products originator or financially responsible party.

12.Buyer retains sole legal responsibility for the design specifications and performance of the goods that are the subject of this transaction. Prototype Finder will, to the best of its ability, provide a part representative of the Buyer supplied 3D CAD geometry that conforms to Buyer requested dimensions and Prototype Finder Standard Terms and Conditions Effective January 2013, and to the tolerances specified on buyer supplied 2D drawings. This work is done on a “best-effort” basis and the parts shall not be deemed scrap if some stated or general tolerances are not met but the parts still function as intended. General tolerance for machining is ISO din 2768-m General tolerance for aluminium extrusion EN 755-9.

13.Prototype Finder will keep customer drawings, designs and intellectual property confidential, if the information needs to be shared with a third party, that third party shall be subject to a non-disclosure agreement, in accordance with the customers standard NDA.

14.Prototype Finder shall assume no responsibility for the design of the goods that are the subject of this transaction. To the extent that Prototype Finder personnel recommend design modifications or provide design analysis, simulation or advice, they do so to help meet the requirements of Prototype Finder’s own manufacturing process. These recommendations should be reviewed and verified (by the buyer) prior to beginning the process. All recommendations do not have guaranteed results but are used as a general practice.

15.Low volume production will normally result in a small percentage of rejects. Prototype finder will, at its discretion evaluate and estimate the percentage of rejects anticipated. The customer will receive additional parts to compensate for the anticipated rejects found during goods inward inspection and assembly at the customer’s premises. Prototype Finder will do random sampling inspection of goods and apply Statistical Process Control methodology to determine acceptance of reject ratio.

16.Prototype Finder does not provide medical products or parts, the buyer must take full responsibility for ensuring suitability and any legal conformity of any goods purchased and intended for medical use.