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Prototype Finder Manufacturing Limited

Prototype Finder Manufacturing Limited was founded by Mike Hutchinson. Mike Hutchinson Comes from the UK and was trained by the Ministry of Defense in Mechanical engineering in the 1980’s. Since that time he has gained experience in many areas of manufacturing including Oil and Gas, Food, Automotive, Aerospace, Defense and Rapid Prototyping. Mike is also a qualified ISO 9001:2008 lead auditor.

Prototype finder is a manufacturing services company that helps companies in need of prototypes, low volume manufacturing and engineering solutions both inside and outside of China.

Prototype Finder Manufacturing Limited prides itself on being a truly customer focused company, providing the same level of service to multi-nationals that are spending tens of thousands of dollars and private individuals that are on a very tight budget. To us, both customers are equally important and will receive the same level of service regardless of budget available.

About Us

Rapid Prototype

Rapid Prototype Parts

Rapid Prototype is a very quick way and also a popular and cost effective method of producing a realistic 3 dimensional model of a new design or a functional prototype. There are several processes used to produce a rapid prototype, on this page we are just going to introduce two, 3D printing  and urethane vacuum casting process… Read More

CNC Machined Part

CNC Machined Parts

We specialize in precision CNC machining of prototype and low volume parts. We are a supplier of CNC milled and CNC turned parts. CNC machining is a quick and cost effective way to get functional prototypes in the correct material, to precise dimensions. We can produce parts to very fine tolerances and in large volumes if need be… Read More

Investment Casting Parts 2

Investment Casting Parts

Investment casting also called lost wax casting, is one of our core competencies. We always achieve high quality results by using TPS (Toyota Production System), PPAP (Pre Production Approval Procedure) and PCP (Process Control Plan) these procedures are used to evaluate and eliminate any variation in the process, and … Read More

Injection Molded Part

Injection Molded Parts

We provide rapid plastic injection molds and plastic injection molded parts in various industries. For a quick turnaround we can make an aluminium mold which cuts the lead-time and cost, but does not compromise quality. Additionally, we use a  “Master Unit Die”. Using this method, quality molds can be produced with a very short lead-time… Read More

Mike web

Mike Hutchinson

My team and I at Prototypefinder are 100% customer focused. If you have any issues at all about any aspect of the service we have provided to you, please contact me directly. When you deal with Prototype Finder, you are dealing with me, Michael Hutchinson, Managing Director and Owner. I take full responsibility for everything that we do for you.

Aluminum Extruded Part 2

Aluminum Extrusion Parts

We offer extruded aluminium section, profile and parts in a wide range of alloys from 2000 series up to 7000 series, prototyping and low volume production, combining with post CNC machining process. The extrusion will be made using the traditional method of forcing hot metal (not molten) through a custom made die…Read More

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Injection Molded Nylon

Injection Molded Nylon

CNC Machined Parts

CNC Machined Parts

3D Printed Prototype

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