Can Prototype Finder make design drawings for me?

Generally speaking no, but we can help where we can. If there are simple design issues we will try our best to help, however we do not take responsibility for these designs.

What type of design files does Prototype Finder accept for quoting?

We generally accept 3D CAD files in STEP, IGES or STL format, while 2D drawings must be given in PDF format.

How long does a quotation take?

You can expect a quote in as little as 24 hours!

Can I use my own material for production?

Under certain circumstances, yes. This should be discussed in advance.

Can I use my own master model for making duplicate copies for vacuum casting or CNC machining?

We can reverse engineer samples. That is, we can create 3D CAD data at full cost.

How do I know my design will be kept confidential?

A third party will never have access to a full design. We have stringent systems in place and there has never been a breach in security.

How does Prototype Finder compare to other suppliers on price?

We are very competitive compared to other Western manufacturing companies based in China. We are typically 60-65% the price you can expect to pay in the US. Significantly cheaper than prices expected to pay in Europe, without sacrificing any of the quality.

Are lead times in working days or calendar days?

Working days.

How quickly can I get my parts?

Possibly in as little as 7 days.

What tolerances can Prototype Finder achieve?

Depending upon the process, there is not a given set of tolerances that fits all processes and materials.

How does Prototype Finder ensure the quality of my parts?

To ensure that the quality is met, first is understanding what the quality requirements are. Once we understand we will ensure that the processes and respective procedures are in place to ensure that your quality needs are met.

What type of surface finishes does Prototype Finder provide?

Many different surface finishes are available depending upon the process.

Can Prototype Finder passivate my parts?


Can Prototype Finder provide optical quality on my plastic parts?


Does Prototype Finder insure delivered goods?

No, we do not insure deliveries, but you are free to use your own insurance.

How much import duty will I need to pay for my goods?

Please ensure to check local customs.

What are Prototype Finder’s shipping terms?

Standard terms used are Ex Works (EXW) for rapid prototyping and regular production orders. Meaning that the customer is responsible for shipping, customs clearance and all other associated fees when the goods have left our premises.

Does Prototype Finder provide expert molds?


What if I am not completely satisfied with the parts I receive?

If the parts received deviate from specification and the customer has received unusable parts then they will be replaced free of charge.

Can my company get credit with Prototype Finder?

If a customer has made several previous purchases from us we can renegotiate terms.

How can I pay Prototype Finder?

Gold bullion sounds good! Otherwise, you pay in standard means of bank transfer or PayPal.