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How to quit smoking the engineers way!

How to quit smoking the engineers way Giving up smoking really should be the easiest thing in the world , given we know the statistics about how harmful it is. The truth unfortunately is quite the opposite, quitting smoking is hard, really hard. It involves months of feeling down, irritable, depressed and a whole host of other negative feelings. To give up smoking you really have to want to quit, know how to quit, and you also have to prepare yourself for it. A good way top prepare yourself is reading the Allan Carr book quit smoking. The author read this book several years before finally quitting smoking, I had the book for at least a year before I actually read it. The truth is quitting smoking takes preparation mentally, and the key to staying quit is a mental attitude which you need to change. As we all know, engineers do things differently and make difficult tasks look very easy. Why is that we ask ourselves, it is about having a plan and being methodical, good engineers know there are no shortcuts. I hope this short blog helps you live a longer and healthier life. How I did it. Before I share my secret with you, here is my story and how I prepared for quitting which could be the most addictive habit on the planet. A friend of mine whom is no longer with us, a former heroin addict once told me that giving up heroin is easy compared to giving up smoking! Ok back in 2005 a friend who was a doctor studying the content of cigarette... read more

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