• Injection Molding 50 to 50,000+ Parts
  • Based in China with Low Cost
  • DFM & PPAP to Guarantee Quality
  • 7 to 30 Days for Tooling & Molding

Plastic Injection Molding/Rapid Injection Mould

We provide rapid plastic injection mold tools and plastic injection molding parts in various industries. For a quick turnaround we can make an aluminium mold which cuts the lead-time and cost, but does no compromise quality. Additionally, we can use a  “Master Unit Die”. Using this method, quality molds can be produced with a very short lead-time at a very competitive price. Rapid injection tooling is often used as a “bridge” between plastic prototypes and production injection molded parts. We are one of the few foreign owned and managed plastic injection molding companies in China. We pride ourselves on our excellent communication and customer focused mentality.

Rapid Injection mold means that we can make a simple injection mold at lower cost, shorter lead time compared againt the mass production molds without sacrifice product quality. The rapid injection mold is commonly used to fill in the gap between the rapid prototype and mass production parts, this is a proved better way to produce customized plastic products at low volume, or to further evalute product design and process capability of a new product before mass production.

Design For Manufacturing

DFM (Design For Manufacturing) is an essential part of the product development cycle. This process is always best carried out at the design/prototype stage, in order to keep overall product manufacturing cost to a minimum. We will do this as a matter of course for all rapid injection tooling inquiries.

There is no substitute for experience, and our experience has taught us to make molds in a metal on condition for critical areas. Once the DFM is complete and mold layout is agreed, including position and type of gate, ejector pins position and parting line position are agreed, we make a mold and aim for holes to be small and walls to be thin, so that we can finely adjust the sizes to create parts of the correct geometry quickly. This way, we can get first off samples to you, and on your desk in a matter of days, often as quickly as 7-10 days if time is critical.

Surface Texture

Textures on a plastic product give a part the appearance of sandblasting, wood, leather or others effect designed by customer. If you require your parts to be textured, please just send us the specification, like Mold-Tech texture standards. We can apply textures of all kinds normally used in plastic injection molding. For the rapid tooling,  If you do not have specific requirement of your product appearance, we can apply direct sandblasting with different media size on the mold, this is a quick and cost effective way for rapid injection molds.

Plastic Material Selection

We can produce parts in most kinds of injection mold-able plastics including a wide selection of engineering plastics  for high performance components and also all general plastic materials. We often import material if it’s not freely available in China. We can also provide 2 shot parts and over molded parts according to your needs.  In addition to plastic parts, we also provide compression and injection molded rubber parts in a wide rage of materials including: EPDM, FKM, NBR, PU, Q, to name a few!

Rapid injection molding process or molded plastic products are widely applied in many industries, including most of commerical products, like home appliance industry, office accessories industry, electrical tools, auto industries and electronic devices.

Case Study

Desk Lifter – Injection Molding Product

Rapid Injection Mold, 2 Components

Material: PA66 + 30GF; Rubber

Quantities: 5000 Parts

Lead Time: 9 Days For Mold And 3 Days For Molding

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