• CNC Turning, Milling, Grinding, EDM
  • 1 to 5000+ Steel, Aluminum, Plastic Parts
  • Anodizing, Polishing, Painting, Plating
  • Parts Fully Inspected Before Shipment

CNC Machining

CNC machining service is our core competency, we offer much more than just machined prototypes or parts! We use our engineering training and vast experience to help you to achieve your goals at a cost that meets your budget and in the shortest possible time frame. We like to think out of the box! If we have ideas that can reduce your costs, we will discuss with you the possibilities. We provide CNC machined parts of all shapes and sizes! We have experience of CNC machining parts for a wide range of applications and not just prototypes. A most interesting new CNC machining trend which we are supporting is Vaping box mods, there are many new interesting designs on the market, we have been involved in many such projects. We also support many companies in China and overseas with the production of industrial components and assemblies for manufacturing, such as: hydraulic and pneumatic punching and piercing tools, machine parts for manufacturing of paper and other similar industries that need large turned precision rollers. Our large turning experience is broad and varied, we can produce consistently accurate precision parts with bearing housings and precise cylindrical ground diameters up to 3 meters in length and up to 1.6 meters in diameter.

CNC Milling

We specialize in precision CNC machining of prototypes and low volume parts. We provide 3,4 and 5 Axis CNC milling. CNC machining is a quick and cost effective way to get functional prototypes in the correct material to precise dimensions. A key factor for consistent parts is work holding. We are experts in fixture design and manufacturing and we will not cut any corners to save costs in this area. Do you need help applying tolerances to your parts to ensure a precision fit and consistent assembly? Our engineers can help you to apply tolerances as part of our engineering support service.

CNC Turning

CNC turning from 1.0 mm diameter to 1800mm diameter. We provide small diameter, precision turned parts in large volume, produced on Swiss style lathes and CNC turning machine. We also offer large turned customized parts including rollers and shafts, flanges ETC for industrial use various steel, aluminium alloy, titanium alloy and plastics. We can apply surface treatments to parts up to 3 meters in length. Our managing director has a vast amount of hands on experience in this area, and would be more than willing to discuss details of any turning/milling project directly with you.

Cylindrical Grinding

We have the strong capability and proved record to produce various steel shafts, rollers and sleeves in a range of materials including: hardened tool steel, mold steel and chrome shafts. We have completed a number of punching and stamping mold projects and paper manufacturing equipment components for local and oversea customers that have combined a broad range of manufacturing processes that included: cylindrical grinding, CNC milling, CNC turning, electro discharge machining, hardening, electro-less nickel plating, drilling tapping, honing surface grinding, and 100% inspection.

Quality Assurance

Prototype Finder is a customer focused company. We apply appropriate quality control procedures for both prototype and production projects. Within our team, we have extensive quality assurance knowledge and experience. We make sure the right process is applied and a detailed quality control procedure is in place. For production quantities we will use (PPAP). For single prototypes we will do a 100% feature inspection. We test material for composition and hardness on all our projects.

  • First article approval procedure to learn all customer quality requirement and technique requirement.
  • Process control plan (PCP) to define all needed process and its control point.
  • Material tested of each batch to make sure the correct material was used.

Material And Surface Finish

Steel: Stainless steel, tool and mold steel, carbon steel and titanium alloy; Aluminium: Al 6061 and Al7075; Plastic: ABS, Nylon, PC, PMMA and etc…

We also can do a wide range of surface treatments, including electro-less nickel plating, chrome plating, anodizing, passivization, PVD and heat treatments. To give a truly professional finish, we can also add logos and text using engraving, laser etching, screen-printing or pad printing as required.

Aluminum Parts With Anodizing Finish

CNC Machining Inspection Report

Additional Considerations

Components are frequently designed with a specific manufacturing process in mind, for example investment casting. Often parts are not possible to machine due to the geometric restrictions. To overcome these issues we will use die sinking EDM and wire cutting EDM to produce prototypes that are a true representation of the end product.

Case Studies

Head Stand – CNC Milled Prototype

  • CNC Machining, Polishing & Anodizing
  • Material: ABS Block & Aluminium 6061
  • Quantity: Total 4 sets with each 7 parts
  • Lead Time: 15 Working Days to Deliver
  • Project Name: Ear Phone Sound Test Station

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