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Chaired Logic “Raise It”

Chaired Logic is a company that provides ergonomic seating solutions. The seats they provide improve posture, but in order to gain full benefit, you need to raise your desk height. The Raise It is a simple stack able platform that is placed under the legs of a table to “raise it” to the correct height. The concept is not new, but this design is! It was designed and molded by Prototype Finder at the customer’s request. Requests also included: designing for manufacturing of both: the rubber injection molded part, and plastic injection molded part.

Design Study

When a customer has the desire to build a new product, but only has a basic idea of what they want ? We sit down together and methodically go through the process of asking the right questions about the form and function. This is done in order to be able to make a correct design proposal.

Engineering Input

A design is often created to produce a part at the most cost effective price point. We prefer to adopt a more practical approach! Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars doing stress analysis or theoretical calculations about strength and failure rates, we take a look at the competition and just beef it up by 50%. The additional cost of the material is a nominal fee for the whole project, and in return we all gain peace of mind! Our motto is this, ”Over Engineering Will Cost You Little, Under Engineering Will Cost You Your Shirt! ”

Our Design

Based upon David’s request, we created a design for him that was attractive and very robust. He liked it and instructed us to proceed with the modeling. This took about 1 day to complete.

Tool Design

Then we moved on to the mold layout. The parting line and gate and ejector pins were all obvious to us. David agreed with all of our suggestions.

Tool Build And Specification

The product material is Polypropylene with 20% glass filling for rigidity. Based upon the material we opted for a pre toughened P20 tool steel mold. The build of the tool was not considered urgent. It took 9 days before the tool was ready for trials.

Mold Trial

Every new tool will have a short series of development and modifications when it is ready for molding. In this case the first sample came out of the tool extremely well with only a very small cosmetic issue. This was fixed the same day, and we had samples for customer approval that very day.


The first samples were approved, and the subsequent production of 5000 parts took a further 2 days.