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Case Studies

We Provide Total Solutions For Single Parts To Whole Projects. From Design Stage To Prototyping And Low Volume Production.

Chaired Logic “Raise It”

Chaired Logic “Raise It” Chaired Logic is a company that provides ergonomic seating solutions. The seats they provide improve posture, but in order to gain full benefit, you need to raise your desk height. The Raise It is a simple stack able platform that is placed under the legs of a table to “raise it” to the correct height. The concept is not new, but this design is! It was designed and molded by Prototype Finder at the customer’s request. Requests also included: designing for manufacturing of both: the rubber injection molded part, and plastic injection molded part. Design Study When a customer has the desire to build a new product, but only has a basic idea of what they want ? We sit down together and methodically go through the process of asking the right questions about the form and function. This is done in order to be able to make a correct design proposal. Engineering Input A design is often created to produce a part at the most cost effective price point. We prefer to adopt a more practical approach! Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars doing stress analysis or theoretical calculations about strength and failure rates, we take a look at the competition and just beef it up by 50%. The additional cost of the material is a nominal fee for the whole project, and in return we all gain peace of mind! Our motto is this, ”Over Engineering Will Cost You Little, Under Engineering Will Cost You Your Shirt! ” Our Design Based upon David’s request, we created a design for him that was... read more

Hand Tool

Total Solution And Support Job Description Bearing Release Tool This project is a bearing release tool for in-line skate wheels. It’s a hand tool designed to remove bearings effortlessly. The initial design had a several problematic areas that were highlighted during prototyping. After a detailed study design, modification proposals were made to the customer which they embraced. The design changes reduced the number of parts and reduced the unit price of the finished article by 40%. The main components of the hand tool are made from stainless steel using investment casting. The polyurethane handles are made using injection molding. There are several other small components such as: custom screws, rollers and springs. These are made using CNC turning and CNC milling and traditional spring manufacturing. Prototype Stage The customer came to us with an initial design and a crude prototype which was designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. He asked us to make five more prototypes for a show (2015 ISPO in Munich, Germany,) which his company was attending. As with all projects, we had a team meeting and discussed a few ideas. The outcome was a suggestion to introduce a spring to the tool to improve the user experience. The idea was well received by the customer and the changes were made. The result was a great improvement upon the original design, making it a single handed use hand tool rather than two handed use tool. The prototypes were CNC machined from solid billet, and the screws were CNC turned. The handles were vacuum cast polyurethane using a range of five different colours. The prototypes were delivered on time... read more

Core Chair

Total Solutions From Design To Manufacturing Job Description: Project Name: Core Chair/Stool The core chair is a functional device with a saddle like seat covered with premium cow leather, and a unique shape of backrest also covered with premium cow leather. The back rest also has the function to rotate independently against the seat. The designed unique mechanism is CNC machined from stainless steel 304 with a brushed finish. This chair is designed to help people to sit properly and reduce the back pain. This product is targeted to very high end markets. Processes: (Over 50 parts, 26 of them are customized components made from over 12 different manufacturing processes). Revolve Mechanism: CNC milling, CNC turning, EDM sparking, wire cutting, laser cutting, welding, bending, polishing, leaser engraving and assembly. Seats: Blow molding, copper inserts, memory foam manufacturing, leather cutting and stitching, gel pad molding, upholstery and assembly. Backrest: Laser cutting, welding, expand foam molding, leather cutting and stitching, upholstery and assembly. Standard Components: PU/Nylon wheels, reinforced gas springs, NSK bearings, screws and washers. Material: Stainless steel 304, cow leather, expanding PU foam, memory foam, polypropylene, copper and aluminum. Lead-Time: 12 months. Quantity: 25 core chairs and 35 core stools. Project Details David France, a chiropractor and the owner of Chaired Logic from Australia, devoted himself to develop the Core Chair and stool, to improve poor sitting posture and to reduce reoccurring back pain. Prototype Finder specializes in providing the total solution for big project with very small volume production. We provide varied manufacturing services and design services at a much lower cost compared to costs in western countries. About Chaired... read more

Customer Testmonials

soundchip imageSoundchip have been working with Prototype Finder for a number of years on a variety of projects that required the manufacture of parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies using various processes. On each and every project the level of service has been outstanding and delivery has always been on time. Prototype Finder have supported our work with design input for mechanical parts and created 3D CAD data with engineering drawings for us from sketches supplied. I find them to be a truly customer focused company. They are responsive and helpful and have always delivered what they said they would, when they said they would.

Ben Skelton

PhD COO, Soundchip

zeleritaz imageZeleritaz Racing sports have been working with Prototype Finder Manufacturing limited on a project recently that required a number processes, Including Investment casting, injection molding, CNC milling, CNC turning, Spring manufacturing, heat treatment, sandblasting, Physical Vapor Deposition ( PVD ) Laser Etching and assembly. We went to them with a crude prototype, they analyzed every detail, they came back with a number of suggested design improvements for example adding a spring that made it a single handed use rather than two handed. They improved the function significantly, also reduced the number of parts required, reducing cost and improved the overall appearance. Prototype finder have taken care of all aspects of the engineering on this project for us. We now have a product which we are selling via our website www.Zeleritaz.com/BLT, it has been very well received in the market; I could not be more satisfied with the service they have provided. The best one stop prototype service and low-volume production company in China in my opinion.

Lawrence Chiu

Owner, Zeleritaz

B.Ed.BSc.Grad.Dip.M. imageI’m David France; I am a chiropractor and the owner of Chaired Logic. I have been working with Prototype Finder on my project, developing the ultimate ergonomic seating solution in my spare time while working full time. I tried other design and prototype companies in the past; the others didn’t seem to listen and took large amounts of money from me. They never really got it, never really tried understanding my ideas from my perspective. Prototype Finder were different from the outset, you always got the feeling that you are part of a team, working together towards your goal right from start to finish. This project is complex, the core chair is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment and I have been impressed beyond words at how much attention to detail and patience they have shown me and the project. They have re-designed 80% of the chair, and I must say it far exceeded my expectations, I really love the product now, not only is it functional, but a true thing of beauty. We have sent a test batch of chairs out into the market, targeting high flying individuals, Bankers, Jockeys, Executives etc that suffer from back pain. The feedback has been amazing; they all love it, without exception. I know we are onto a winner here; I cannot thank Mike and his team enough. If you are working on a project that is stalling, or you want to start on the right foot, call these guys, I am very glad that I did.

David France

B.Ed.BSc.Grad.Dip.M., ChairedLogic